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The Cultural Reflection

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Unique Indigenous art installation that took many hands and minds to bring together.

The three immense woven structures are known as the Reflection Pods, with the largest spanning over three metres. Each one is suspended over an alcove, creating quiet sanctuaries within a bustling workplace.

We are inspired in designing refreshed workplaces is important for us to involve Indigenous artists and acknowledge and include the perspective of Indigenous hand work.

Incorporating natural materials and a human touch, values that were part of the original vision for the new floors. Worked on the interior design interpreting design into structures. series of handwoven panels, which are like petals extending outwards. Joinery underneath mirrors the shape, and some panels extend downwards to further create a sense of being cocooned.

We also wanted to create a space for reflection and also a quiet space for contemplation – to balance the energy and hold a quieter presence.

We gather some really experienced weavers and also fantastic Art Centre management, which is an important component for the types of projects we love.

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