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At Faro embodies a strong philosophy and purpose centered around reconnecting people with nature, culture, and meaningful products. The flagship store in Naples, FL serves as a hub for individuals seeking unique and aesthetically pleasing items, showcasing not only homeware and personal products but also many unique surprises.

Our  product range encompasses a variety of offerings, from handmade furniture, accessories, rugs, and art, to specialty coffee from a family farm in Colombia and super Tuscan wines sourced from partner vineyards.

The brand's celebration of cultural diversity, artisanal sourcing, and commitment to slow fashion aligns with the values of supporting local economies, reducing waste, and promoting products with lasting value and significance.

The significance of the name "Faro”  symbolizes its guiding light.


Faro is a lighthouse in Latin languages. It gives guidance and safe passage to vessels out at sea . Just as it is a guiding light to those navigating the seas so is At Faro the same light that is illuminating a path of architects, designers and home owners to its world of biophilic-inspired design. 



Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Architects,

Display Home Builders, Resorts, Hotel & Hospitality

Industries, Wholesalers, Construction Developers, Eco

Retreats, Retailers & Select Online Retailers.

Flagship store in Naples Florida, its showroom is a one stop shop for all things “@home”. 

An easy on the eyes experience that has the design industries appetite whet for product that is timeless, comfortable on the senses and adaptable to all settings from stately homes to contemporary pied de terre’s .


Whether you working a color palette or room setting or a wholesale business deal for a development with partner  you will feel the warmth of their engagement and professionalism in walking with you through the process from inception to completion. 


Just as the product is lovingly and carefully hand made , so your experience with Faro left in caring hands. 

  •         Our Philosophy and Purpose:  At Faro aims to re-connect people to nature, authentic culture, and meaningful products. It emphasizes a shift away from mass-produced and disposable items, favoring handcrafted pieces that carry substance and heritage.

  •         Flagship Store: At Faro has opened its flagship store in Naples, FL. This physical location is envisioned as a modern-day bazaar where individuals with discerning taste can explore and purchase aesthetically pleasing homeware, personal items and some surprises.

  •         Product Range: At Faro offers a diverse range of products, including unique hand made furniture, accessories, rugs, art plus specialty coffee from a family coffee farm in Colombia and super Tuscan wines from partner vineyards. 

  •         Cultural Diversity: The brand celebrates cultural diversity by incorporating elements from various continents, tribes, and heritage. This is reflected in the blend of international roots that make up the fabric of At Faro.

  •         Artisanal Sourcing: Our products are sourced from artisans, many of whom reside in villages and subsistence environments. This approach helps support local economies and reduces waste.

  •         Slow Fashion: We  promote the concept of "slow fashion” which is how to contribute to the preservation of the environment as opposed to disposable consumerism. This means valuing products that are handcrafted, durable, and carry a sense of meaning and history.

Overall, At Faro is more than just a brand; it's a philosophy that encourages a shift towards more intentional and mindful consumption. The brand's commitment to handmade, culturally rich, and environmentally conscious products aligns with the growing interest in sustainable and meaningful living.


Fadia Bechara is the design and creative part of the At Faro equation Fa/Ro. At Faro known for its Wabi Sabi biophilic leaning in design of all things furniture and home is well known in Naples Florida, but also doing projects from Colombia to Bali. 


Fadia B is no new comer to the architectural design field. Her most recent stint being more than a decade of deep dive into the natural stone world of Tuscan Quarries. She designed public spaces and residences to commercial centres globally. 


Fadia B has her production setup in Java Indonesia as well as Bali, where she produces her furniture and home products with a team of dedicated artisans and manufacturers. Products from upholstered furniture to rugs, stone Sanitary ware, tiles to textile design is controlled in a seamless process to bring the creativity of her dreamy ideas  to finished product in a timely manner to the market place.


Besides The Fadia B signature collection, she custom makes product for projects following the clients design sensibility. With the aid of modern renders and technological design aids she brings the space to life before the manufacturing process starts, so the end user can get a feel of their space before the fact. This way a visual interpretation assists  in eliminating doubt in any design pieces or finishes. 


With her team of creatives, production, quality and logistics personnel, Fadia B can produce and ship globally. Her team has decades of experience dealing with cross continent freight and can facilitate the administrative side of the business. 


At Faro is a one stop flexible design solution to your creative projects. 

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